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Maniac Magee
Jerry Spinelli

After his parents pass, Lionel Magee’s world changes. Lionel changes his name to Maniac Magee.  After staying with his Aunt and Uncle for sometime, Maniac decides to run away.  Maniac can outrun the neighborhood dogs, can hit home runs and faces down bullies.  I first read this book as an assignment while attending Southern Connecticut State University.  The book also won the 1991 Newbery Award.

Check out the book and I think you’ll find it enjoyable.

Harris and Me
Gary Paulson

Harris and Me is an hilarious romp through childhood.  A young boy is sent to live on a farm with Harris, his wild cousin.  I found myself laughing so hard so often that at some points during the book, I found it difficult to catch my breath.

One of my workmates recommended Harris and Me several years ago and boy was I happy to have read the book.

Funny funny book!
I think you’ll be laughing too.

The Thief of Always
Clive Barker

Clive Barker is most known for adult dark fantasy.  This was Barker’s first foray into children’s/teen literature.

Ten year old Harvey Swick longs to escape his dull childhood life if even only for a day.  Clive Barker is an amazing artist as well.  He illustrated this book himself.  Harvey’s wish is granted and he finds himself at Mr Hood’s Holiday House, a place of miracles where every childhood whim may be satisfied.  As with all fables, there is a cost for your wishes.

You’ll have to read The Thief of Always to discover just what that cost is.  Clive Barker is a wonderful writer and one you should check out. The other young adult series he has written is Abarat.

Until next time…
…Turn the page.


Teen Fiction

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