The 37th Parallel

The 37th Parallel
Ben Mezrich

We are NOT alone!

In the vastness of the Universe how can anyone believe that humanity is the only living thing to have taken hold?  For a number of people, that is the only thought that is relevant, that we ARE alone.

In my opinion it is particularly egotistical belief to own.

Ben Mezrich, author of many books, Bringing Down the House probably the one that out him on the map, has written an engaging new book called The 37th Parallel

The story bounces back and forth between on family, the husband and father ostensibly, who is obsessed with UFO phenomena.  Mezrich begins his latest story centered on Chuck Zukowski as he travels to an animal mutilation case.  From there we learn that Chuck has been chasing down UFO leads for most of his adult life.  He flirted briefly with MUFON, a UFO group searching for answers to the phenomena as well.  Zukowski didn’t initially join the group, citing differences of opinions about the way the group was managed.

In between the chapters about the Zukowski’s are actual events that have occurred involving UFOs and animal mutilations.

Mezrich does a fine job of not coming down on one side or the other.  He lets his readers decide what they believe.  Of course, I don’t think anyone without an interest in this topic will find the book compelling.  An easy read, I believe this SHOULD be picked up and read.  I didn’t learn anything new but that’s no reason not to read this engaging book.

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The 37th Parallel

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