The Door To The Universe

The door to the Universe does NOT say push. (Just like the door on Gary Larson’s School for the Gifted.) The harder we push for what we want, the firmer that door stays stuck. Stand back, my Love-Lights, stand back, and enjoy the flow!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are you trying to hard?  Are you pushing?  You DO know what happens when you push, don’t you?  You strain your muscles.  How does that feel?  Wouldn’t it be better to simply let go and let what’s going to happen, happen?  You can’t stop the Universe from giving you what it needs to.  How many times have you THOUGHT something negative was occurring in your life, only to look back after you’ve gone through the storm and seen the blessing?

Stop pushing against the storm, simply float along with it.  I LOVE Star Trek and one of Star Trek’s ultimate adversaries is The Borg.  One of their overriding themes was:
Resistance is Futile.

Though that theme is taken to the opposite extreme of what I’m pointing out here we can modify it to fit the topic at hand.  Resistance IS futile when it comes to what the universe is giving each of us.  If we simply stop resisting, stop pushing back, stop rowing our boat against the current, stop pushing against that door, we’ll find our lives will flow, will stream.

The next time you find yourself pushing, stop for a moment and think.  How does pushing, how does resisting, how does rowing against the stream feel?  Do you REALLY want to feel this way?  No?  Then stop pushing!  Let the Universe give you what it needs.

Be Happy! Be Well!  Be Positive!


The Door To The Universe

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