The Grand Canyon

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I recently wrote about Lawrence Kasdan’s Move The Grand Canyon. Before I had a name for what I was experiencing with The Law of Attraction, I knew on a deep level that Everything happens for a reason. I’d tell anyone interested that if they wanted to know ANYTHING at ALL about me to watch The Grand Canyon. It is spelled out in minute detail what my life was about and how I lead my life.

A brief synopsis should follow:
Grand Canyon is about Simon (Danny Glover) and Mack (Kevin Kline) and the relationship that develops between the two when Simon steps in after Mack’s car breaks down in a bad part of Los Angeles. This chance meeting has profound implications on the rest of their lives.

The dialog below illustrates the ENTIRE movie’s premise. (Claire is Mack’s wife)

Claire, you’re talking about a lifelong commitment just because you happened to be running by those bushes. I’m not gonna be dealing with this Simon guy the rest of my life.

How do you know that? How do you that this man isn’t going to be your friend until the day that you die?

The point to this post is not to take anything for granted. A chance meeting between two people can have implications for those two people for the rest of their lives. This doesn’t JUST happen in Hollywood. It can happen ANYWHERE.

Don’t take ANYTHING for granted.

I’ll say it again. If you want to know anything about me, watch THIS movie!


The Grand Canyon

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