The Key to Happiness

One of the many daily emails I receive is from Walk The Talk’s Daily Inspiration. Tuesday’s quote resonated with me and I decided to use it as a point of reference for today’s blog entry.

Learning to let go. When you hold onto emotions, hurts, grudges, anger, who are you hurting? Can you feel joy when you’re grasping that hurt, that anger, those grudges? Let go!

This can be a very difficult challenge for someone to undertake; especially someone who has held onto these emotions all their lives. The anger, the hurt, the grudges can sometimes feel like the only emotions you have. But what are they doing for you? How do they make you feel? When you wrap your arms around them, do they embrace you as well? Maybe they do. Or maybe, JUST maybe you THINK they do. Maybe it’s just that you’ve held onto them for so long that they FEEL comforting. It’s time to let them go!

This may seem like a silly exercise, but let’s give this a try. Go to your nearest window and open it. Put both of your hands on your heart, then thrust your hands through the open window. While you’re doing that say:
To all my negativity, to all my hurts to all my anger and grudges I release you.

Close your eyes and feel ACTUALLY feel your soul releasing all that negativity. Breath out all the negative. Breathe in the new positive. Feel the joy, feel the happiness filling the space where the the negative once was. As the joy filters in let a smile come to your face. Now feel that smile envelope your very being, feel it fill your soul.

The key to happiness is learning to let go!

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


The Key to Happiness

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