The Lord Is My Light

SeededBuzz Monday:
Cecilia Cotterino writes a blog called A Modest Faith and in January 2012, she wrote a column called Psalm 27.  Psalm 27 speaks deeply to me because it says:
The LORD is my light and my salvation- so why should I be afraid?

I’ve always believed this to be true, though I’m not as vociferous with my faith as some may be.  I believe faith is a personal thing and should only be shared with like minded people.  Since I’ve been writing this blog however I’ve sort of shaken off that coat and have begun to share what I believe to a wider audience.  As I’ve said here before:
I no longer worry how others perceive me.  My faith is who I am and if I can help JUST one person by sharing what I believe then I’ve done more than some others have.

Psalm 27 also says:
The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?

When the world appears to be against you, when everyone appears to be fighting with you, when you seem to be struggling, as I’ve written here, simply look up and ask for help, you’ll find all your concerns will vanish like smoke.  HE is ALWAYS there.  You only have to seek HIM out.  He is protecting you from everything, lighting the darkness as you walk through the night.

If you walk with HIM, if you carry on a consistent conversation with HIM, HE will not leave your side.  Remember Footprints?  That poem said:
When you see one set of footprints that is when I carried you.

He won’t leave your side.  HE will be there always.  In order to feel his presence you may have to slow down, quiet your mind, shut out all the noise.


You should find time everyday to do so.
You’ll touch the divine more often.
You’ll see the divine is always by your side.

The psalm I always resonated most with is Psalm 23:
The Lord is my Shepherd only because it deals so positively with transitioning.  As I became reacquainted with Psalm 27 I also found plenty here to think about.  Reading the 27th Psalm has reinvigorated my need to return to all the Psalms are reread them.  There are likely others that have slipped into oblivion that also probably speak to me at another level.  So I owe a thank you to Cecilia Cotterino for providing the impetus to go back and look at all the Psalms.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Lord Is My Light

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