The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of positive thinking can do miraculous things.  A friend I recently made in the past couple of months had a very recent cancer scare.  He went in for a check up and was later told that a growth appeared quite rapidly and his doctor was sending him for a PSA Test.  I saw him the Monday before Christmas and he told me what was going on.  One doctor felt it had all the characteristics of aggressive prostate cancer.

My friend remained absolutely positive throughout this whole event, never giving any intention that this was going to turn out anyway but positive.  I spent the days before Christmas sending him nothing but positive thoughts.  On Thursday, I received word through a mutual friend we both have that he is cancer free.

He is convinced as am I that it was all the positivity that made this possible.  The BEST Christmas present he could have received.  His words exactly:
It wasn’t a definite cancer prognosis, but rather a growth that was irregular in shape that was characteristic of cancer, esp. since it appeared so rapidly. The PSA had elevated and with what info the doctors had from blood work and MRI, they felt it was pointing towards cancer. One doctor felt it had all the characteristics of aggressive prostate cancer.  It was definitely the positive intentions, prayers, and love from both those in the linear realm and my guides and angels and crossed over loved ones that worked with me to manifest a positive outcome.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


The Power of Positive Thinking

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