The Road Forward

Just a quick entry today. An explanation for where I want to see this blog go from here. My blog is popular with many people and I’d like to satisfy everyone with my entries. I started writing with the intent of discussing Law of Attraction and how it has changed my life. Somewhere along the way I became sidetracked and began a dialog about my faith and how my individual God has been a positive influence in my life.

Several of my readers have latched onto this and appreciate my forthrightness, my ability to speak about my belief system without any fear. In order to keep those readers coming back for more, I’ve decided to devote at least one column a week to discussing my faith and how MY God has influenced my life. There may be weeks where I write about my faith twice a week, but I won’t forget my initial intention for starting this blog. Don’t really have a set schedule in mind. You’ll be surprised every day with whether that particular day will be one I discuss my faith or Law of Attraction. You’ll just have to keep visiting to see what my desire is on a particular day. Those of you who read my entries for your Law of Attraction and positive focus fix, fear not, I’ll continue writing about that as well.

If I want to attract as many readers as possible, I have to be willing to change with the tides. Since MY God plays such an important role in my life I think it’s only fair that I devote white space to HIM as well. Hope I don’t lose any of my readers here.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


The Road Forward

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