The Soul’s Purpose

The soul is very clear that its purpose is evolution.  That is its sole purpose and its soul purpose.  It’s not concerned with achievement of the body or achievement of the mind.  These are all meaningless to the soul.

Book One
Page 82

If you truly believe Neale Donald Walsch had a divine experience when he wrote Conversations With God, the above statement seems to to point to reincarnation as a plausible solution.  After all how does one evolve if not through learning to do something over and over?  There are more references to reincarnation after page 82 in this book as well.

As I’ve said here multiple times, there is NO doubt in my mind that we all come back.  It’s one of the reasons I rail a bit against religion sometimes.  Being spiritual and being religious are two entirely separate entities for me.  In my mind, being religious is tied to dogma.  You MUST believe what we (fill in your religion) believe.

Being spiritual is more open.  It’s why I’m not affiliated with any particular denomination.  Being spiritual allows you to pick and choose from a variety of religious beliefs and meld them into your own system.  Did you know that reincarnation was once in the Bible?  It was removed during The Council of Nicea in AD 325.  That is further proof that religion is the issue here.  If reincarnation existed in the bible, then what right does man have to remove it?

No matter, it is what I believe.  What do you believe?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all!


The Soul’s Purpose

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