The Teammates

The Teammates:
A Portrait of a Friendship

David Halberstam

Boston Red Sox teammates Bobby Doerr, Dominic DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky, and Ted Williams–who remained close for more than sixty years.  This is the story these six teammates through their years playing for The Boston Red Sox and one last trip some of them took to visit Ted Williams who they knew was dying.

A fabulous book written by a quintessential American writer.  David Halberstam has written too many books to mention in this brief column, but I recommend reading as many books by Halberstam as you can.  From sports biographies to history on war, Halberstam has touched just about every subject.  I THINK his most well known book is:
The Best and the Brightest  That book discusses The Vietnam War.

Teammates is as different from The Best and The Brightest as two books can get.  There is no denying that both books are written by the same author however.  Stylistically they are similar. As with any writer someone is familiar with, read enough by that author and you can pick his books out even if his name is nowhere to be found on the jacket.

A short book, Teammates can be read in one sitting or two at the most.  As I’ve said at CJP Book News so often it has almost become a mantra:
Working at a library can be a dangerous place for a voracious reader such as myself, because every time I turn around I’ve found another book to read.  It can also be the BEST place to work because every time I turn around I’ve found another book to read.  It all depends on your outlook.

Teammates is definitely worth picking up.  You won’t be disappointed..

Until next time…
…Turn the page.


The Teammates

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