The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift
Jim Stovall

My friend, Mary wanted me to suggest this book. Here ya go, Mary! And once again thank you for suggesting this blog. As I’ve said before, writing it has given me back my joy of writing.

Another book/movie review.

Jason Stevens is a brash young man who has always had things handed to him without a thought. Cars, money, prestige. They all came easy to young Jason. But now, Jason is in for the challenge of his life. His grandfather, Howard (Red) Stevens has passed.

The entire family comes together clamoring at Red’s friend and lawyer’s office for a piece of Red’s vast fortune. As each family member gets his reward they are ushered away until only young Jason is left. Red has something else entirely different in mind for his young grandson.

This is a touching book and like The Alchemist its message is simple but one we all have a tendency to forget. It’s nice to be reminded. I wholeheartedly recommend the book. You can probably read it in one sitting. The movie does a passable job of portraying what’s in the book and is much more emotional. If you’re planning on seeing the movie, might I suggest reading the book FIRST. I think you’ll get more out of both experiences.

The book is available at Amazon here:
The Ultimate Gift. You can also probably find it at your local library.
Check out The Ultimate Gift as a movie too.


The Ultimate Gift

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