The Looming Tower

Another column with just two reviewed books:

Looming Tower
Lawrence Wright

Unlike many books I read, The Looming Tower took me over a month to get through. Typically, this can be seen as a challenge that I’m not liking what I’m reading.  The fact that this book took me so long is far from an indictment.  On the contrary, it was quite enlightening and educational.  I believe this is a book EVERYONE should read.  The language is dense and that being the case I found myself going back to re-read passages I’d already read.

The Looming Tower is a history of Radical Islam from its inception.  One of the reasons I love recent history books (recent in my time) so much is the fact that I get to relive the past through reading about it.  This was the case with Wright’s book.

–He discussed the assassination of Anwar Sadat.
–He discussed the early stages of  Menachem Begin/Anwar Sadat peace treaty.

The Looming Tower is just such a powerful book and anyone wanting knowledge about the world we live in today MUST read this book.  If you’re anything like me you may find the book tough going, but I implore you not to give up.  You will be rewarded for reading it through.  You’ll come away with more knowledge and you’ll be better informed of what happened during and after September 11.

Our Endangered Values
Jimmy Carter

Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter may well be viewed as the antithesis of The Looming Tower.  Written after September 11, Carter, a Democrat who served one term as President of the United States from 1976-1980 has been a voice of dissent during the George W Bush Presidency.

Seeing the clamp, Bush placed on American Society with various laws he enacted most notably The Patriot Act, Carter pushed back with this book.  I think this would be a nice companion to follow The Looming Tower.  I clearly understand Carter’s motivation for writing this book and I found myself agreeing with much of the content.

I recommend reading both of these books back to back.  I don’t necessarily think one should be read before the other.  However I believe you’ll understand more about recent history if you read them one after the other.

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The Looming Tower

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