A Thousand Naked Strangers

A Thousand Naked Strangers:
A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back.

As I’ve written here at CJP Book News many times, I’m so fortunate to have the job that I do.  Being the book lover that I am, I feel so grateful to have followed this path and didn’t let anyone dissuade me with comments like:
How do you expect to make a living doing THAT?

Making a living shouldn’t be what it’s about.  Enjoying your living is what it should come down to.  Heck!  I get paid to read.  What’s better than that.

This book is graphic, yet graphic is too light a word to use.  It’s laugh out loud funny, though nothing that happens in this book is funny.  A Thousand Naked Strangers is a complex contradiction.  The author, Kevin Hazzard, brings us inside the medic’s world and inside his head.  Sometimes what you see and hear make you want to turn your head away in disgust.  Sometimes those same images make you laugh out loud.  It’s what I mean when I say the book is a contradiction.  

I know paramedics and one of the things that drew me to this book is the fact that I do know people in this field.

After 9/11 happened, Kevin Hazzard decided he needed to shake up his world so he enrolled in EMS training.  He had no idea what to expect as he was hired by his first ambulance company.  Big surprises were in store.  When he finally landed a job somewhere else he settled in and became more than competent.

A Thousand Naked Strangers was fun, horrific and graphic all rolled into one.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Until next time…
…Turn the page.


A Thousand Naked Strangers

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