Tigger or Eeyore?

Funny, I was thinking about Tigger a few days ago, as he is my favorite character from Whinnie the Pooh.  I have Tigger everywhere:
On a tie.
He’s my Christmas Stocking.
On a sweatshirt.

I think I identify with Tigger because our attitude toward life is so similar.

I can’t help it.
He makes me laugh EVERY time I see him!


As I considered writing about Tigger and starting to do some research, I came upon a blog called:
Extra!  Extra! Read all About it
that seems to have gone defunct.  There is a column from October 12, 2007 called Which Character are you?  In the column, the author asks if you are Tigger or Eeyore.  An apt question as the two characters in my opinion are polar opposites of each other.  I’m sure we are all familiar with Eeyores;  the constant pessimist, the reserved, those who would rather melt into the crowd.  The sky is always falling type of people.  In fact, I wrote a similar blog post about a week ago called Positive vs. Negative

I don’t know about you.
I can only answer for myself.

I CAN say unequivocally that when I am in that crowd, when I face the Eeyores, I do everything in my power to escape as quickly as possible.

I am NOT an Eeyore nor have I EVER been an Eeyore.  My life is too perfect to ever consider being Eeyore.  Much like I said in Positive vs Negative, since I’m Tigger I prefer to be around other Tiggers.  I LOVE everything about Tigger.

His Joy.
His Bounce.
His Attitude.


I LOVE him!
He’s the BEST!

Who is your favorite?
Who do you identify with?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Tigger or Eeyore?

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