Time Doesn’t Exist

On Friday, May 24, 2013 my friend from Google+,  Jerry Ho posted this image:

How many times have you looked up at clock, pulled out your phone or for those of you who still wear watches glanced at your wrist to see what time it was?  Why do you think we are so concerned with time?  As I said in Is God Delaying Something:

Time doesn’t exist…    

…in the spiritual realm.  There is no need for clocks there.

Clocks only distract.
Clocks only pull us away from our joy.
Clocks are a bored man’s friend.  

Think about it.  When are you most aware of a timepiece?  When do you happen to consider time?

If you can find joy in all that you do,
Once you take to heart that time doesn’t exist,
You’ll find your joy again.
You’ll no longer be distracted.
You’ll no longer be bored.


It’s one of the reasons I no longer wear a watch.

I’m not concerned with time because for me, there is a plentiful amount.

When I DID wear a watch, the ONLY time I looked at it was when I was distracted, when I wanted to leave the place where I was.

Never a polite thing to do if I was with someone.  Inevitably I was caught.  Then the accusation would be thought or said or both by my companions:
Am I that boring that you want to leave?

In order to prevent those kinds of charges I chose to stop wearing a watch.  

I’m now more peaceful.

I’m no longer challenged by my friends.
I now find life slowing down because I understand that time truly doesn’t exist.

We can all get to this point.  It only takes diligence.  It only takes enlightenment.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Time Doesn’t Exist

One thought on “Time Doesn’t Exist

  1. Ah yes, since time is a man made concept, it’s up to us how we view it.
    Too many people attach the same weight to specific minutes and hours as they do ‘someday’ or ‘the 12th of Never’, and it lead to an imbalanced life, and the passing of opportunities we have right now!
    Thanks for the thought,

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