Time for Yourself

It is very important to find at LEAST twenty minutes each day to take time for yourself. No distractions. No TV. No Music. Just you. Read, meditate, yoga. Do something to de-stress.

The BEST time to do this is when you arrive home from work. Work can cause stress and if you can find some time immediately after you walk in from your day at work. Find a comfortable chair, lay down, close your eyes. Take several deep breaths. Feel the stress of your day escaping with each breath you expel. Take in the calm as you breath in.

I don’t ALWAYS walk the talk. But recently I’ve taken to coming home and doing just that. I take a deep breath as I enter my home and thank My God for giving me a job that I enjoy. (See? Always look at the positive.) Once I’m in my home, I’ve stopped looking for distractions by turning the TV on.

Instead I sit in my recliner, close my eyes and meditate on my day. It’s a nice way to come down from the active work day. Being on my feet all day I relish the thought of coming home and putting my feet up, closing my eyes and simply just being. Sometimes I’ll play some instrumental music, perhaps some Enya in the background to help me relax.

Everyone should do this. As with any new undertaking Meditating requires discipline, but eventually you’ll find that it becomes second nature and one day you’ll wonder how you ever got by before you took time for yourself.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!

Time for Yourself

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