Time Travel

I used to lay in bed at night when I was young after the house was dark and silent and everyone was asleep. I’d close my eyes and wish so VERY hard that I could go back in time and change this thing and that thing and by doing so, everything would be better.

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I’m sure we all did this when something catastrophic happened in our young lives. Our parents divorcing. Who didn’t consider going back and changing that? A death in the family. Hell, YEAH! We wanted to change that.

Now that I’m more knowledgeable about life in general I realize that going back in time if it were possible wouldn’t change JUST that ONE thing but by changing that ONE thing, our ENTIRE life would go in a COMPLETELY new direction. And who is to say this new direction would be preferable to the original course?

No! Now that I know better, the life and the path that has been chosen for us is the BEST path to be on. God knows best. God knows where to take us and where not to take us. Don’t mess with his plans.


Time Travel

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