Trusting In The Universe

It’s amazing where you find these sentiments popping up these days. Last Friday night at 7:30 I was watching Two and a Half men on Channel 61 in Connecticut. The episode was called Putting Swim Fins On A Cat

Charlie hasn’t had a paying gig in months and he is quickly running out of money. Meanwhile, he’s dating a judge whose ex husband is in the music business. Alan is concerned that Charlie is living beyond his means and Charlie’s running commentary throughout the episode is not to worry. The universe will provide.
The universe will provide? Where did that come from? And why did I never hear that line before?

The episode ends with Charlie getting a new career writing children’s songs. He looks over at Alan and says, “Hey. What do ya know? The universe DOES provide.

WOW! I watch this show religiously and I remember seeing this as a first run episode in 2007. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t aware of The Law of Attraction at the time, but the whole trusting In the universe thing didn’t even register the first time I saw the episode. It didn’t register the second or third time I saw it either. I’m guessing it’s another example of God giving us what we need when we need it. I wasn’t ready to receive the message the first time the episode aired. The seed was planted though and it sprouted last Friday night.

Yes I’m well aware this was just a television episode, but this is one way to get the message out there. Now I’m left to wonder if the writer and creator of this particular episode is on this same path and he is perhaps finding a way to feed us all breadcrumbs, leading us to the destination that the universe nee God does indeed provide.

What do you think?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Trusting In The Universe

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