Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
Natalie Babbitt

This is one of my all time favorite children’s books. I’ve read it almost as often as I’ve read Weaveworld by Clive Barker.  Tuck Everlasting at its core is a story about family and the lengths one will go through to protect family.  On another level, the story tells the blessing and the curse of immortality and not only immortality, but being immortal at one age.

The Tuck family find this blessing or curse depending on your point of view by stumbling across a “magic” spring and drinking from said spring.  As with other stories of long lasting life such as Gary Braver’s own take in Elixir, there are consequences to deal with when it comes to light that there is a so called Fountain of Youth that someone has discovered.

Being a writer and a photographer myself, I hope to leave a trace of immortality through the photographs and the written word I leave behind.  I’ve always said that I’m not afraid to die.  I just don’t want to.  I have too much I want to accomplish.  Now if I were given the choice would I choose to live on permanently?  I don’t know.  

All heady issues to deal with here and it’s one of the reasons Tuck Everlasting still resonates with me over forty years after its original publication.  How many books can you think of that still have such a shelf life?

If you haven’t read Tuck Everlasting, do yourself a favor.  Find it.  Pick it up and start reading.

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Tuck Everlasting

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