Tying the Threads Together

I’ve been writing Wisdom and Life for almost three years now and during that time and even before I started writing this blog, I’ve seen several changes in the world of Spirituality and Law of Attraction.  I know I’ve written on this topic in the past.  Please excuse my returning again.

On Wednesday afternoon while going with my friend, Howard to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford, Carly Simon’s song Life is Eternal played on the radio.  As the song played on I began thinking again about how the topics I write about have become such a part of the human experience.  Not long ago if someone talked to us about Law of Attraction, we’d get that typical eye roll  and that exasperated look that says:
Are you kidding me!

The same goes for reincarnation and all things spiritual.
Now we hear songs sung about reincarnation.  And not just Carly Simon either. We have the likes of Melissa Etheridge as well
Now we have television shows like Two and a Half Men openly discussing the basic tenets of Law of Attraction.
Now we have movies like Midnight Run and Groundhog Day openly discussing the basic tenets of reincarnation.
Now we have books by Gary Braver, like Tunnel Vision that openly discusses the search for the afterlife.

I think all these things that are occurring now are all a result of a change in the dynamics of humanity. And we’re certainly just at the cusp of the changes that will be occurring.  Again, I understand that I’ve written about this here previously as well so bare with me.  With this being 2012, and the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar, there are many who are predicting the end of the world, the Biblical apocalypse.  I don’t subscribe to that response.  Oh, I certainly believe we’ll see changes, but I think the changes we’ll see are more along the lines of what we’ve already seen.

We’ll see more spiritual changes.
People will feel more comfortable discussing all things spiritual.
People will feel more comfortable discussing all things positive.
You see it now. You’ll see more of it in the future.

Get used to this change because things will never go backward.
Life is about moving forward.  Remember that.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Tying the Threads Together

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