Use the Glimpse

Spiritual revelation can come as a flash. It shows itself. You get it, and then it disappears. That’s why it’s so important to act now, not later. Later the clarity or truth might be fuzzy. Today the moment you glimpse the truth of what you need to do, act on it.


Don’t wait or it might disappear. If you think to call a friend you haven’t thought about in years, call. If you want to change something, change NOW.

Use the glimpse

Daily Destined Message
Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yet another example of the divine interceding on my behalf.  Friday afternoon I received an email from my friend, Lisa.  It was JUST what I needed to see at the time.  I replied back to her saying as much and she emailed me again saying:
Really happy that what I was called to send you helped.  Just another indication how acting on what you are called to do, even when you don’t know why, is important.  You writing back re-affirmed to me what I have been working on, following my instincts and looking inward for guidance, so we both win!

And seeing the Daily Destined Message on my iPhone further implies that we receive what we need when it comes our way.

Have you received something EXACTLY when you needed it and realized later that it WAS EXACTLY what you needed?

Are you now more aware of these things happening in your life?

If not, do you think you will be now?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Use the Glimpse

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