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The Historian
Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian is an adventure.  So much fun to read.  The book opens with a series of mysterious letters. and the search for the protagonist’s father.  An exciting book and one I simply couldn’t put down.  The length of this book may be intimidating to some, but PLEASE don’t let that prevent you from traveling down the path this book leads.

There are not many books that I find that hold me as enthralled.  When I came to the last hundred fifty pages I slowed WAY down.  I didn’t want The Historian to end.  As with many books I feel so strongly about, I stopped reading for awhile in order to digest the amazing nature of this piece of historical fantasy.

I can NOT recommend this book more.

J. Sheridan LeFanu

Many believe Dracula is the first appearance the Vampire in modern fiction.  They’d be wrong.  Carmilla by LeFanu actually preceded Dracula by over twenty years.

I first read Carmilla so many years ago, I think probably when I was in high school.  The story left such a lasting impression on me only because like so many others I wasn’t aware that there was another vampire before Dracula.  See?

This is my aim with Scranton Page Turner:
To introduce you to those hidden gems that you may not know about otherwise.

Anyone can write about popular literature.  It takes some work to uncover the books that many leave unread.

You should track Carmilla down if you haven’t already seen it..

Tanya Huff Blood Series

Tanya Huff’s Blood series is just complete bubblegum pop and a fun diversion.  Sometimes even I can enjoy the sweet and popular fiction if well written.  The link above provides a list of the series in order.  It can be helpful to read this series in order as their IS some blowback to previous books.

One of the humorous plot devices in The Blood Series is that one of the main characters, Henry Fitzroy, the vampire in the series claims to the bastard son of Henry the Eighth.

There was a short lived television series on The Lifetime Cable Network several years ago based on the books.  If you like humorous action and fantasy in your genre, I think you’ll get a kick out of these books.

I did!

Until Next time…
…Turn the page.


Vampire Fiction

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