Wayne Dyer’s Karma

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

Wayne Dyer

Pretty straightforward, huh?  This is a really sound definition of Karma.  Basic, but it gets the point across.  We all have to deal with karma throughout our many lives.  If someone wrongs you in one life and you can choose to rise above that wrong and forgive then you will move on in the next life.  The wrongdoer will return to face the same situation again.  He will continue to return to the exact location when he wronged until he learns.

As an example, I’m reminded of a scene in Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray plays TV weatherman Phil Connors.  In this scene played multiple times over, Connors, steps into a deep puddle of ice water.  He keeps stepping into this puddle over and over, every day; until he FINALLY learns his lesson.  The entire movie is played out this way.

How do YOU react to someone who has wronged you?
Do you fire back?
Do you become angry as well?

The other day I was walking through my hometown of Madison, Connecticut and I watched as two cars sped off to the side of Route One.  Both drivers emerged from their cars and began shouting expletives at each other.  I simply walked on, not wanting to caught in the crossfire.

Finally, as I walked past, one of the drivers said:
Is this really worth all this added effort?

As I was too far passed the cars I didn’t hear the response but I can assume it was met with positivity as both drivers returned to their vehicles and drove off.

Why this example?
It proves Wayne Dyer’s point to a tee.
When the one driver spoke up, he was letting the anger go.  He reacted in a positive manner thus, freeing that karma.

Can we all behave in such a way?
Can we all turn the other cheek?

Think what a positive world we could live in if we mastered this ability.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Wayne Dyer’s Karma

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