We are Spiritual Beings

Do you worry? About your financial status? About your health? About life in general? Is your emotional cup half full or half empty?

I’m here to tell you to stop! You are blessed from the moment you arrive in this physical form. Everything you need is within arm’s reach. You only have to ask. I’m sure if you look back over your life and really think about what has worried you in the past what you thought were worries, never really came to fruition.

I want you to think back to a time when you thought you were in a difficult situation, whether it was financial, emotional whatever. Eventually you came out of that stressful place. As you look back now, I bet you discovered a time when you looked up and said:
“Please, please help me.” If you did so, I bet it wasn’t too much later that you recovered from whatever was stressing you out.

My reason for this example is to point out the fact that all you have to do is ask for help. You’ll find it in the most amazing places.

There is never any reason to worry. You are blessed. As Wayne Dyer likes to say and something I like to remember:
“You are a spiritual being having a human experience”

In other words you are divine. And because you are divine you can tap into that divinity at any time. You only have to realize it and begin to practice. The next time you have what you perceive as a challenge, try to keep in mind a situation that resolved itself positively, one that you never thought would resolve in a positive manner. I’m willing to bet that every challenge you thought was a challenge turned out not to be one at all. If you can keep that in mind in the future, all of your stress, all of your concerns will vanish.

Mine have because I understand that I’m taken care of. We all are. We are all spiritual beings and because of this, we only need to tap into our divinity to get the help we need.

We are Spiritual Beings

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