Westboro Church

CNN’s Bill Mears

While I sincerely understand that everyone has a right to their own opinion, not all opinions should be shared publicly, especially if they are are meant to cause pain and distress.  Don’t tell me that the Westboro Church is not causing pain and distress to funerals.  I find it amusing that this is SUPPOSED to be a church.  Isn’t the church (church in the universal term) supposed to be compassionate?

God is not vengeful.
God does not punish.

Whether you’re born gay, straight, yellow black whatever, we are all born in God’s image.

God’s image is love
God IS love
God doesn’t make mistakes.
God loves everyone.

The sooner the world realizes this the sooner our consciousness will shift and bring about the next paradigm.  Let’s start today!  Let’s start RIGHT NOW!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Westboro Church

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  1. I completely agree with the message of this post and appreciate you speaking about this topic. All souls need to rise up and speak out against hate and raise the banner of love for all to see. <3

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