What Are You Doing?

David at Simple.Organized.Life posted an entry yesterday called There Are No Do-Overs that resonated with me on several levels.  I felt compelled to respond in a post of my own, which of course means another shifting of entries here. Those who have been following Wisdom and Life for awhile understand that I write my entries a couple weeks in advance and have them scheduled to publish on the days I post.

While I believe we DO have a limited time in our lives to do the right things, again as those who have been following my blog know I do NOT believe we live just ONE lifetime.  We continue returning to learn from past challenges we were not able to overcome in our current incarnation.

What DID resonate was David’s thoughts about the time we spend during our current incarnation.  What are YOU doing to ensure you’re living a fruitful life?  When I say fruitful, I’m not necessarily referring to financial success, because when you’re gone from this life who will remember the money you acquired?  The property you acquired?  The THINGS you acquired?

Most likely you will NOT be remembered for those things.  What you will be remembered for is:
Were you a good person?
Did you spread joy, sunshine, happiness to those who came into your world?
Did you do what you wanted to do with your life?

That’s what is important in the time you have here.  For if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities presented to you in THIS lifetime, you’ll return the NEXT time and EVERY time after with the same set of opportunities until you FINALLY do take advantage of them.

My suggestion then?
Don’t hesitate when a chance arrives to improve yourself.  Grab hold and don’t let go.
Life is supposed to be fun.
Life is supposed to be joyful.

It is when we forget that we are spiritual beings living a human life that we fall off track.  Don’t forget this!

Do your best to ALWAYS remember.  I’ll repeat David’s question:
What are you doing today to realize the dreams you have had for yourself for quite some time?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you!


What Are You Doing?

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