What IS The Law of Attraction?

I picked up several new readers in the past week or so and the biggest question I’ve received from a few of them is:
What IS The Law of Attraction?

In it’s most basic form, The Law of Attraction states:
Like Attracts Like

In other words:
Your thoughts create your reality. What you give out you receive back. If you constantly complain about your job and your life, that’s what’s going to be reflected back to you. Everything negative will be in your world. If you’re trying to create problems, then problems will come to you. If you think nothing works out, if you think things are always lining up against you, then that’s what’s going to be in your life. Why would you want to live that way? Some people don’t understand The Law Of Attraction REALLY does work. Some feel it is a sham.

I’m here to tell you that it DOES work. My life has changed since coming into contact with this Law. DRAMATICALLY! If you look for the positive and are grateful for everything in your life, even the smallest things, you’ll find more of that coming your way. If you’re around negativity and create a bubble of positivity around you and don’t let the negative in, throw positive at the negative, you’ll be amazed at how your life will change. Try it. The next time someone tries to suck you into their negativity pool, give out positive thoughts. You’ll feel infinitely better. Be positive, be grateful and you’ll find more gratefulness, more positivity coming your way.

In a nutshell, that’s what The Law of Attraction is.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


What IS The Law of Attraction?

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