What is Weakness?

When growing up (boys at least) were told to hide their weaknesses.  Don’t show that you’re weak.  Push through!  Pretend that you know what you’re doing.  What kind of legacy does that leave on the adult?

Ya know what the REAL weakness is?  It’s NOT showing your weakness!  I’m sure we’ve ALL had the experience where we were in over our heads.  Our stomach feels as if it wants to tumble out of our bodies, our heart is racing, we can feel the sweat streaming into our eyes.  What do we do?  We power through; because that’s what we were trained from an early age to do.  How do you feel powering through?  You know in your heart and soul that it’s the wrong thing to do.  Why don’t you ask for help?
The REAL weakness is cresting again.  The real weakness is NOT asking for help when you need it.  We have our friends who are there for us.  The Yin and The Yang.  The Strong and The Weak.  Where one of us is weak in one area, I guarantee, one of your friends is strong.  Ask for the help.  Everything is cyclical.  You’ll be able to help someone at some point.  It’s all about paying it forward.  You may NOT be able to help the person that helped you but this is a universal thing we have going here.  What you do for one will return to you exponentially.

Remember it IS okay to show your weaknesses.  It’s the only way to find your strengths!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all!


What is Weakness?

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