What’s With The Writing thing?

Why do you write?  Where do you get your ideas?  These are two questions just about every writer will encounter during their life.

Let’s tackle the first question first.  Why do I write?  A little history on my writing career before I delve into the question.  Ever since I could pick up a pencil I had a love affair with the written word.  I remember being nine and ten years old sitting in my bedroom at my desk with pen to paper writing about UFOs crashing into islands, vampires and werewolves living just at the cusp of humanity.  My preferred genre up until the late 1990’s was always Science Fiction and Fantasy.  But there was always a human element to my stories, some emotional message I attempted to get across in my writing.  There were a number of challenges that arose with my writing.  Two of the biggest being that no matter how hard I tried I simply couldn’t write from a male point of view.  EVERY time I attempted to do so, I hit the biggest wall any writer has ever seen.  The second challenge I always encountered was that I could only work in the SF/Fantasy Mold.  Again, if I attempted to break away from that genre, I simply wound up staring at blank piece of paper first and later when I moved to a computer I was left eyeballing a blank computer screen.So the question is why do I write?  Why subject myself to a craft where I have no clue whether it will EVER see the light of day?  Well, that’s no longer the case with the advent of the Internet and blogs specifically.  Why perform such a solitary task when I’m a HUGE people person?  The simple answer is I write because I MUST write.  The act of writing keeps me centered, makes living my life much easier.  I’ve ALWAYS had to have an artistic out to keep myself in a positive space.  I lost my love of writing several years ago and stopped altogether for about seven years.  I was no longer interested in writing SF and Fantasy and because that was all I knew I pulled the plug.  It wasn’t until I became involved with The Law of Attraction and all things spiritual that I rediscovered my love of writing.

I have something I want to share now and I have the perfect vehicle to do so with my blog.  I can get my message to far wider audience now then I ever dreamed possible even just a few short years ago.  I THINK I have readers relying on my daily entries now, so knowing that I have an audience motivates me to continue writing, whereas when I was writing short stories and novels, there was no motivation other then my own desire to continue.

Why do I write?
–Because I think I have something important to share.
–Knowing I have people waiting for my next installment is a REAL motivator.
–Writing has once again become as important to me as breathing is.  I MUST write if I want to continue living a fulfilling life.

Check out Wealie’s World  and specifically Why I write for another take on the whole why I write process.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you everyone.



What’s With The Writing thing?

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