When God Made Me –Neil Young

Ah Oh!  Here he goes again.  I can hear those of you who get a bit uncomfortable when I turn to the topic and interpretation of my God.

Neil Young is one of favorite musicians and When God Made Me is one of his songs that speaks to me more now then in the past.  It can be found on his album/CD:
Prairie Wind

Here are the lyrics.

I want to focus on a few lines that resonate most deeply with me.

–When God made me.
Was he planning only for believers,
or for those who just had faith?

I don’t think HE made ME for those who already believe and those who already have faith.  I sincerely believe one of the reasons I incarnated THIS time is to be a messenger.  

(Okay, now don’t roll your eyes.  I can see some of you doing so even as I say not too.)  Ya know what?  it’s alright.  I don’t expect everyone to be on board with all of my thoughts.  It would surely be a dull world if everyone had the same belief system.  All I ask is that those of you who doubt me and have a difficult time when I bring this topic up is to keep an open mind.  

Back on topic.  One of the reasons I incarnated THIS time is to be a messenger.  Why else would this blog have come along, if not to carry the message that things are better then they seem.  There is a reason for everything that happens.  That’s another core belief I hold and it is unshakable.  You only have to believe things are better.  Faith and The Law of Attraction CAN walk hand in hand.  They have many similarities.

One of the basic tenets of Law of Attraction states:
–Belief in something good can bring something good into your life.  Isn’t that what faith is?  A belief in the unknown, a belief that something good awaits those who believe?

–Was he thinking about my religion,
and the way I worshipped him?

We all have our own spiritual ceremonies that work for each of us.
–Some attend church and get their spirit renewed there.
–Others like myself, find church constricting.  I’d rather carry on a daily conversation with my own God.  HE isn’t fire and brimstone.  HE won’t be disappointed in you if don’t attend church.  HE doesn’t care how you interact with HIM.  If you’re more comfortable with a personal daily dialog as I am, that’s all HE is looking for.  HE only wants a relationship with you.  It doesn’t matter to HIM how you have it.

If you can remember this, life will be a joy to live.  Faith can restore everything.  You only have to find it.

Be happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


When God Made Me –Neil Young

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