Where Do You Write

Writing is solitary.
Writing is independent.

How do you break the solitary?
DO you break the solitary?

Until I received my iPad 2 for Christmas in 2011, I always wrote at home away from interaction. Being a huge people person I found it a challenge to NOT be out in the world when writing. For that reason alone receiving my iPad was a gift from God.  Where do I write now?  Where am I writing this column?  I’m sitting in my local Starbucks.

You’d think the constant underneath noise would be a challenge.
You’d think being constantly interrupted by people I know would be a challenge.
It isn’t. On the contrary I NEED the interaction. I CRAVE the interaction.
That interaction is as important to me as my very breath.

What do I use to write with on my iPad?
I have a Google account and with that account I have access to all their tools.  I use Google Docs and save my columns on my account, then I copy and paste what I’ve written into my WordPress blog.  Twice as much work you say?

Not really. It would be if I actually wrote the columns twice. I don’t. I simply copy what I’ve written in Google and paste it into my WordPress account.  By doing so I keep a back up of EVERY column I’ve written away from WordPress.

It works for me. Maybe it won’t work for you. Maybe it will. That’s up to you to decide. As with WHAT I write about, HOW I write is an entirely personal endeavor.

What works for you?
Where do you write?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Where Do You Write

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