Why this blog and why now?

I’ve had a few people ask me today what the appeal is for this new belief system I’ve taken on. And why I’m sharing something that to some may consider personal. If you understand anything about me and what I’ve learned in the past year and a half, it’s that life is a lesson and as such it should be shared and taught to others so that they may learn from experience. A lesson kept helps no one. A lesson shared can help a multitude. It’s important to me to share my knowledge with those people who haven’t yet awakened to this new paradigm.

There is a new paradigm happening today. I imagine that someone each of us knows is involved with The Law of Attraction. It still surprises me when I bring it up to people I’m comfortable with. Working in a library I see more people taking out The Secret on video. Wayne Dyer is another author/speaker/motivator you should get familiar with.

This movement is picking up steam every day. I just want to be someone who helps open the floodgates. If you want to test my theory that there are more people out there steeped in this movement, go to your local bookstore browse around yourself and find the spiritual/New Age section. If there’s anyone else in the area take look at what they are looking at. Strike up a conversation. I bet you’ll discover that if they are “one of me” (LOL) that they’ll want to talk about this stuff and you’ll have to walk away before they stop. I find it contagious.

In fact, there’s a small group of us that used to meet once a week to discuss how The Law of Attraction is working in our lives. Look at meetup and search Law of Attraction. You’ll find plenty of groups. This movement isn’t going away.

I hope some of what I’m doing here is keeping it in the public conscience. I’ve said many times in the past:
If I knew earlier what I know now, oh how my life would be different. But ya know what? Had I been introduced to this concept earlier in my life I wouldn’t have accepted it. Things come into your life when you’re ready to accept them, not before and not after. That’s another lesson I’ve learned as a result of this life learning process I’m involved in now.

I only hope that I can pass on some of what I’m learning.


Why this blog and why now?

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