Winter Weather Pattern

Something a little different today.  Bear with me here.

The winter weather pattern in the Northeast and Coastal Connecticut where I live has been very unusual this year.  There has been more snow in the month of January this year then there ever was before.  This is winter the way I remember it growing up in the 1970’s. Now we have another storm bearing down. Storm Ella is preparing to dump another ten to to eighteen inches on most of Connecticut today through Tomorrow (Tuesday, February 2 Groundhog Day of all days and Wednesday February 3.)

I understand residents of the Northeast are worn out with all this snow and cold.  But what benefit do we get by complaining?  The weather pattern is not going to change.  We should embrace the winter as we do the other seasons.  But, Chris you say, just remember that sentiment when summer is in full bore.

See?  If some of you don’t know, summer is my least favorite season.  Yes I LOVE that it stays light so late into the evening.  Yes, I LOVE watching baseball.  Yes I LOVE hearing the peepers outside my home.  That’s all good.  What’s left?

The undying heat and humidity.  HATE HATE HATE that.  My favorite season?  Think I’d have to say it was spring.  Being a photographer, I love seeing the flowering trees bloom.  New life coming forth.  You’re always going to see spring blossoming the same way every year.  If we could simply skip the summer heat and humidity, I’d be just fine with that.

But, Chris…

Yes.  But, Chris, isn’t that the sentiment you’re relaying to those who don’t like winter?  Don’t complain.  Embrace the summer.

Alright!  You got me!  You’re right!  Don’t ever say I don’t admit when I’m wrong.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Winter Weather Pattern

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