Without DSL

Friday evening when I arrived home from work, I found that I had no DSL service.  Someone in my business, (Blogging, photography etc) can find it next to impossible not to be connected.  Had this happened before I made the changes I have, I would have been pulling my hair out and been stomping around my condo angry at the world.  Just another example of how far I’ve come.  I knew this would get resolved and getting worked up over something I had no control over at the moment was going to be counter productive.  Why waste useless energy over something I couldn’t control?

I had plans to be out on Saturday night when I left work anyway so I wouldn’t have access to my computer then anyway.  And if worse came to worse I could always head into work and use my computer there.  Yesterday, Monday, I called my DSL service and discovered the reason for the lack of service.  I recently changed a credit card number and my service had my old number on file.  I saw one of the tech guys a few weeks ago and he told me about it, but it slipped my mind and I forgot to update the card.  All is well now.  Just as I knew it would be.  Lesson learned.  Don’t get angry over something that’s out of your control.  The stress is only going to hurt you!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Without DSL

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