Wonderstruck and Awe-Filled

Everyone has the potential to be wonder-struck and awe-filled as a child because everyone was a child once. The Most important instrument in inspiring wonder in yourself is memory.

* * *

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things…I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.
–Leo Buscaglia

First let me start by giving props to Mr Buscaglia. I was introduced to him over thirty years ago when I attended Mohegan Community College, now Three Rivers. In one of my psychology classes we were asked to choose from several books on a reading list and discuss how the book we chose made an impact on our lives. The book I chose was Love by Leo Buscaglia.

As adults, some of us have forgotten what it means to be joyful; to be filled with wonder. Take a moment or several moments for that matter, to watch life unfold. Get up before daylight and take a drive to see the sun rise over a dew wet field, or if you live near the water watch it come up over a beach. You MIGHT be the only one out at that time of morning. Then again maybe you’ll be surprised to find others out there too.

Have you ever watched a spider spin a web? Have you ever as Mr Buscaglia says in the above statement, played in a pile of leaves as an adult? No? Why not? Part of being joyful is finding things that make you joyful.

Get up and watch that sunrise!
The next time you see a spider, stop and watch it!
Play in that pile of leaves! Don’t worry what others think!
Find your joyful moments and make those moments last!

Be happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Wonderstruck and Awe-Filled

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