I started doing yoga last summer to help alleviate some back pain I was experiencing. I stopped in the fall. I don’t know why I stopped; guess I just got lazy. I’ve worked my way back. Now I’m doing it at least twice a week. I’ve found that it doesn’t just help my physical well being, yoga also helps me emotionally and spiritually. I find it an important part of of my meditation. I read somewhere once that in the west we are taught only the physical aspects of yoga, but it is in the east that you’re taught mindfulness and spirituality of the exercise. I for one can definitely see that.

Yoga has made a huge impact on my back pain. I no longer have any and I’m convinced it is because I’m practicing it. For those of you with back pain I found a book specifically on yoga for back pain. The book is called:
Yoga Heals Your Back and it is available at Amazon here. I definitely recommend it.

I heartily recommend making time to do yoga. It will help you in so many ways. Look for yoga classes. Check out some books, look for DVDs/VHS. I think you’ll agree that it will help you grow, spiritually, emotionally and physically!



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