You Still Have To Do The Work

Just read a magnificent post from one of my blogger friends Tabitha Webber at:

The Knitting Journeywomancalled:
This World Or That
— Or How To Live A Spiritual Life In The Real World

In the entry, she discusses a friend who recently graduated from high school.  This friend she called York.  York is very spiritually centered.  What Tabitha said about York struck a cord with me:
He lives two hours from his parents’ house.  He lives in a squalid little apartment.  He works part-time at a grocery store as a clerk.  He’s taking one class this semester.  He hates his job.  He hates his classes.  He hates his car.  He hates his apartment.  He hates his life.
The poor guy does not apply himself to anything, so goes the consensus around here, because he is too busy thinking, ‘one day I will be a great xyz’…’one day I will move out of this town’…’one day my parents will see what a true treasure I am’…’one day that girl who dumped me will see what a mistake she made’… he is missing the entire point of living, of having a life.

This is the entire crux of NOT living a spiritual life, NOT living in my estimation The Law of Attraction.  Remember the basic tenant of The Law of Attraction:
Your belief creates your reality.
If you THINK your life sucks.  Then you’re going to see signs that YES!  Your life DOES suck!  As Wayne Dyer is fond of saying:
Change your attitude and you change your life.

When I first came across Tabitha’s entry here I believed it was going to discuss spirituality on a deeper level then it did.  But ya know what?  The posting turned out to be more interesting after I read it in its entirety.

Another example Tabitha brings up in her blog post is the marketing of Spirituality and Self Help.  Read this.  Take this course and your life will change.
NOTHING will change about your life unless YOU do the work.  As I’ve said here SO MANY times, you can read all the books, go to all the seminars watch all the movies but unless you put what you’re learning into action you’ll stay stuck!  You’ll stagnate!  You won’t grow!  You won’t learn!

Get off your ass and do something about your poor pitiful life if you think you have a poor pitiful life.  If you think you do then you’ll see the signs all around you.  Change your perception and your life will change with you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive
Blessings to you all!


You Still Have To Do The Work

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