Young Adult/Fantasy

Wish List
Eoin Colfer

From the description and plot of Wish List you certainly wouldn’t expect a humorous stomach clutching laugh filled ride.  That’s what you’ll get if you follow Meg Finn and her partner in crime, Belch as they run from one criminal event to the next.  In one such crime, events go so awry that Meg’s soul is flung out of her body.

Now to make things right, must balance out her bad with her good.  She must begin her penitence by helping the last person she harmed.

Temping Fate
Esther Friesner

Ilana Newhouse is like any typical teen in a coastal Connecticut town in the summer:
Looking for a way to balance social life with a paying job.  Time has a way of moving quickly when we are having too much fun, however and that’s what is happening to Ilana.  Fate steps in at just the right moment though in the form of temp agency job.  Ilans’s first task at the agency?
Typing death certificates for the Fates.  Ilana soon discovers that she is working for THE Fates as in the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Another humorous ride through literature ensues in Temping Fate as in The Wish List.

My Name is Memory
Ann Brashares

Past lives and reincarnation are pivotal to this first part in a trilogy.  For those of you that Ann Brashares rings a bell for, she is the writer of the teen series:
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I’m convinced that we all return again and again, so for that reason alone I connected with this book.  One of the first tenets of Past Lives, an almost unbreakable rule for most of us is that we do not recall our previous existences without the aid of hypnosis and the such.

Not so for Daniel, the male protagonist of My Name is Memory.  Daniel recalls every life he lived and the woman he loves in every lifetime.  A sad cyclical romance that always begins and ends in tragedy may yet have its happy ending.

Young Adult/Fantasy

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