Your Happiness Depends On You

Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel — and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.


Abraham Hicks


This has been a process.  Taken me many years to comprehend and as with all processes, it is a constant challenge to stay on course.  I run into the wall, however as I’m fond of saying at Wisdom and Life, I’m now more adept at seeing that wall and sometimes, more times than not now, I’m able to walk around the wall.  In the end, Abraham Hicks is correct:
No one can MAKE you feel anything that you don’t allow in.


When one first starts to change their worldview,
When one first decides to stop letting someone or something affect their vibration, they can struggle because it is new to them.  They won’t know the steps.  They will feel they are doing something wrong.


You’re NOT doing ANYTHING wrong.  Don’t let that emotional storm in your gut determine what you’re doing is right or wrong.  Your happiness is what’s important.  Don’t let someone or something else determine how you feel.  When someone lashes out at you for something, many times, they are projecting.  It’s something in them that they are dealing with.  If you can realize this, if you can move beyond the hurt they caused and understand that THEY MUST be hurting too, if you can feel empathy instead of anger, if you can reach out in caring and not in reciprocal hurt your life will change.  You’ll no longer carry that anger inside.  You’ll only feel love and peace.


That’s a much better way to feel.  Don’t you think?


It’s a process.  However, I’d rather be moving in the direction of feeling positive.
Wouldn’t you?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;


We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.


Your Happiness Depends On You

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