A Place of Peace

Do you have a place of peace? Somewhere you go you feel COMPLETELY at ease? Somewhere you feel goosebumps settle on your skin? A skip in your step? Somewhere you feel you were meant to be?

Everyone should have such a place! The only way to find yours is to travel. You’ll know your place when you find it. Your heart will sing out. Your soul will be at peace and you’ll have feel a chill in your very bones. Goosebumps will rise on your skin and you’ll want to laugh out loud.

Block Island does that for me and until Saturday afternoon, Block Island was the ONLY place that EVER had that effect on me. Now you’re wondering, Hmmmm? I found a place that effected me the EXACT same way on Saturday. Was visiting a friend’s place in Madison on Saturday and ALMOST IMMEDIATELY upon stepping out of my car I was inundated with such a feeling of intense peace, it nearly knocked me over. I had to stop and think for a moment. Where had I felt that previously? After we walked around for awhile, it dawned on me:
Block Island is the ONLY other place I came close to feeling such serenity. Your task now is to find your place of peace. You’ll know it when you discover it. Your heart will sing out:
This is where I belong.

Go forth and discover your Place of Peace!


A Place of Peace

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