My Team

Please support these people from my team.

Book Production:

Jacobs Writing Consultants
Tim Jacobs has consistently improved my talent, find gaping holes in my storytelling. I wouldn't be the writer I am without him.

--Book Design
CED Design and Production
Chris Dobbins has created all my book covers and he will continue to. His work is outstanding and I am excited to have him on my production team.

Fahrenheit Books
Fahrenheit Books been my publisher since 2018. I couldn't be happier with our ability to work together.

Andrew Kaplan (Web host)
I've known Andrew Kaplan since the late 1990s when he started working at the ISP I received my Internet connection from. He has hosted all my websites since 2001.

Gary Braver
Gina Heron
Tim Jacobs
Jason Marchi

Mark Brewer
Mark and I have been friends since 1990 when he illustrated my first short story that was published in a small chapbook. Now Mark is a well known illustrator and writer himself having published a book called:
Brewology: An Illustrated Dictionary for Beer Lovers
Martha Link Walsh

Martha Link Walsh was an art teacher I had
in the mid 1970's while living in Branford, Connecticut.