Adjusting Our Routines

We all have our routines. Things we do every day. For me, my daily routine goes:
1. Wake up, Usually around 5:30 AM, give my babies Milo and Molly (My cats, silly.) undivided attention for about ten to twenty minutes.
2. Jump in the shower
3. Coffee.
4. Jump online for about an hour, post my daily blog entry.
5. Get breakfast.
6. Head out to Willoughbys in Madison to meet my friends before an 8:30 report to work.

What happens when that routine is broken? Guess I’ll find out Wednesday when I wake up on Martha’s Vineyard.

Living alone as I do has afforded me the opportunity to come and go as I please, do pretty much what I want to do and not worry about satisfying someone else. I was talking to a friend the other day about this very thing. I always worry when I’m doing something with my friends whether they’re having a good time. So when I’m alone it’s a completely different set of rules, If I’m not happy doing something I can simply stop and not worry about someone else. As with all rules there are ALWAYS exceptions. There is one person possibly two or three where I no longer worry about whether we’re all enjoying what we’re doing.

For the next five days, (Tuesday through Saturday) my routine will change radically and I’ll have to change with the routine. It will certainly be interesting to see how I adjust to not having computer access when EVER I want it or need it. Not being able to be in touch with my friends when I want to be will be an adjustment. But the biggest change for me will be having to accommodate other people. As it is now, I only have to accommodate for myself and I like it that way. Which in no means implies that I’m rigid. I’m pretty malleable and it only takes me a short time to reconcile myself to any situation, but it DOES take me some time. That’s all I ask for:
The time to adapt.

A reminder:
Starting tomorrow (Wednesday) My friend, Mary will be taking over the blog until I return NEXT Monday, October 25. I didn’t want the blog to go dark while I was away.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!

Adjusting Our Routines

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