Always Someone Worse Off

And I thought I had it bad!  But isn’t that the way with everyone?  We all think no one has it worse off then us.  Until we meet someone who does.  The blessing in this is though if we can surmount the challenge and thank the divine that we have come out the other side with a renewed faith that all things are possible that we are all connected, that we are truly all divine then we really have won.  That’s what my friend, Carla Goddard has done.  It’s amazing the trials she has gone through and still come out with a glowing positive attitude.  I’m impressed and awed both at the same time by her fortitude!

My friend, Carla Goddard at:
Sacred Soul Shaman is at it again.  She is such an inspiration.  You MUST read this entry:

Do you Have Vision.

As I started reading the post, all I kept thinking was:
Yeah!  I have vision.

It was my faith and my vision that helped me get where I am today.  Once I reached the end of Carla’s post, I stopped to ruminate on what she had just expressed and I realized how true the statement is:
Just look around and there is always someone worse off.
The motivated don’t see this as a negative statement, they use it to better themselves, as Carla has done.  As I THINK I have done.

Carla refused to take no for an answer.  Like me, having someone tell us no is the greatest motivator anyone can give.  With me, as a little boy, it was
–No!  He won’t go to college.
–No!  He won’t drive a car!

Guess what?
–I did go to college, and I did graduate with a 3.56 GPA at that
–I am driving a car!

These are NOTHING compared to Carla’s events.  But just examples of  how strong my faith and my vision is.

Thank you, Carla for being brave enough to share your story.  You’re an AMAZING inspiration to SO many people.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings To You All.


Always Someone Worse Off

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