Rivers, Lost Cities and Caves

The River of DoubtCandice MillardAfter his U.S. Presidential defeat in 1912, Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t about to sit still.  For his next phase in his life, he opted to travel down a tributary The Amazon River; one that was uncharted.  Facing danger and imminent death at every turn, Roosevelt accomplished a goal that many thought was […]

Out of Captivity

Out of CaptivityMarc Gonsalves I’ve written about survivors of plane crashes before at CJP Book News here:Into the AbyssAnd here:An Adventure, Law of Attraction and a Lion In February 2003 three American contractors, Marc Gonsalves, Tom Howes, and Keith Stansell were travelling to South America when their plane went down.  They survived the plane crash only […]

Skyjack The Hunt for D.B. Cooper

Skyjack:The Hunt for D.B. CooperThanksgiving week 1971, a man calling himself, Dan Cooper boarded a plane in Portland, Washington bound for Seattle, Washington.  When in the air, Cooper opened the briefcase he had carried on showing a flight attendant a bomb he said he made.  He demanded $200,000 in cash, and four parachutes.  Flight 305 […]

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