Christmas Crossroads

This will be my last column this year. I’m going on my yearly holiday hiatus. Will be back the first week in February.

However, unlike previous hiatuses  I will continue writing. Just not my two blogs.  I’m working on short stories again.

My friend and blogger, Jean Wise is also a published author. Her latest book available on Amazon is: Christmas Crossroads This a small volume with huge concepts. Just because the concepts our large, it doesn’t mean that the book is challenging to understand. On the contrary, Jean writes in a manner that her thoughts come across easily.
In the book, Jean uses Biblical quotes to understand the implications of the Christmas season and reflects on each quote.  I like that style of writing, for it helps us understand how someone thinks about a certain topic. I write my own spiritual blog in much the same way. One of the features about this collection that I like is that at the end of each reflection Jean writes what’s called a: Roadside Billboard Roadside Pursuit and Roadside Rest Stop In each of these, she gives us advice on how to handle the challenges of not just the Christmas season but of life in general. The crossroads part of the title references where we are at a particular time in our lives and how we can deal with with the challenges that this season brings. As I read the book, I realized how much we share in common. I resonated deeply with each reflection. So many of Jean’s reflections connect to my own belief system. And because of that I wanted to share this collection with my readers. I think many of my followers will connect with this collection as well. This is a book that I found personally useful. Christmas Crossroads has helped me see that we can choose how we spend our time. Whenever we come to a crossroad in our own lives we can choose which road we take. Whatever we decide, as long as we follow our true spiritual light, we can’t make a wrong choice.  Follow God’s path and we will be blessed. I recommend this book to anyone attempting to calm themselves during this busy holiday season. I believe it will bring you back to center, bring you back to the present moment which is where we should ALWAYS be. As I’m done of saying: Nothing challenging can happen in the present moment. It’s only when we start to forecast, it’s only when we look to the future wondering where we will be, wondering what will happen that we panic. Stay in the present moment. That’s where we are safe. Reading Christmas Crossroads helped me to understand this again and after reading it, I look forward to reading her previous titles available here: Jean Wise on Amazon Be Happy!  Be Well! Be Positive! Blessings to you. — Chris Once you realize that life is eternal, That our souls our eternal, That we return to light and physical over and over; We then lose all our distress We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.
Christmas Crossroads

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  1. Yes, this is an amazing book Jean has written here, Chris, and I’m glad you chose to highlight it today in your column.
    You will be missed, but do enjoy your vacation from all things blogging. Oh, and Merry Christmas, my friend!

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