Crawling Out of a Ditch

The God of the universe has chosen you to know him. It’s like crawling out of a ditch, covered in mud and debris and being put on the best-dressed list.

There is more to this quote. I chose this part specifically. Bet you’re wondering why. The second sentence from the above quote has deep meaning for me for a number of reasons. One of my favorite movies ends with the main character crawling through a sewer of waste to find grace, freedom and joy.

My own life sometimes reflected that of the above main character. As I’ve mentioned here a few times previously, I didn’t have an easy first few years. In and out of Boston Children’s Hospital multiple times, being told that I wouldn’t survive and EVEN if I did, I wouldn’t live a quote NORMAL life. Here I am. Living that normal life. I am Andy Dufresne. I proved everyone wrong. My faith is what pulled and pushed me through that ditch. If it hadn’t been for my strength, my conviction that I would survive, I KNOW beyond doubt I wouldn’t be here at this moment writing about this.

I’ll never put on a life jacket again.
If that’s not conviction, then please tell me what is. Who knows where that line came from? Here’s a hint:
It’s from another of my favorite movies.

Conviction, Faith, Grace.
These are things we all carry in abundance. Some of us have to dig deeper than others to discover them. Once found, we must cultivate them. They can whither just as quickly they are found unless we use all our ability to nurture them. Give these needs your undivided attention. Meditate. Pray. Find a still place and rest your soul. Rest your mind. For it is in this still place, this restful place, that you will come face to face with Grace, with Faith and with Conviction.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Crawling Out of a Ditch

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