Defining Success

How do you define success?  I talk to a friend about this occasionally and we have the same explanation:
Are your bills paid?
Do you have resources left over after?
Are you constantly striving for better?

Success can be defined in so many ways.  There’s economic success which I believe people want to know most about.  That question closely follows:
What do you do?

My question for you is why is everyone so tied up in financial success?  As I said above, there are so many other ways to define success:
Are you healthy?
What’s your social life like?  How many close friends can you count on?
Who will drop everything for you and be there when no one else will?

Okay touching again on finances, but JUST briefly skirting the topic:
What’s your work life like?
Do you enjoy what you do?

Or are you stuck in a job where you see no end?  Where you dread waking up because you know you have another eight hours of hell?  Did you follow your gift?  Or did you squander your gift and you follow the money?

Money can make you financially wealthy, financially successful, but unless you are happy, there is no success.

Happiness, Joy, Bliss:
That’s what makes you a success.  If you are joyful, if you are happy, if you love what you’re doing then the money will come.  Don’t follow the money.  You’ll never catch it.

Find your gift!
Follow your bliss!
Do whatever it takes to make your gift your career.  If you do that then you’ll be a success!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Defining Success

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