Disaster and Triumph

“Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad… when the business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at their lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner.” 

— Walt Disney, producer
Thursday, January 12, 2012
Brian Tracy’s Quote of the Day

Are you in a lull, a downpoint, a funk?  Do you feel that nothing is going right for you?  That everything is failing?  As witnessed above it is sometimes at what we THINK is our lowest moment that triumph occurs.

Don’t EVER give up.  When you’re at what you consider is the lowest point in your life remember Walt and Roy Disney.  When you have found your gift, whether it be music, whether it be writing, whether it be housecleaning, whatever it may be, don’t let anyone dissuade you.  Don’t stop because you feel things aren’t happening fast enough for you.

Yes; there will be times when you feel you’re not making a difference.
Yes; maybe you’ll go in a different direction.

Follow your path.
Follow your bliss.

If you feel like Walt and Roy; that your business fortunes are being depleted faster than you can fill them, don’t EVER pull the plug.  I’m sure you’ve heard the line:
There’s a thin line between love and hate.

Ya know what?  The same can be said about disaster and triumph.  There’s thin line between every negative and positive.  Why do you think Walt and Roy succeeded at their lowest ebb?  It’s because they had such a short span to cross to triumph.

Keep this in mind the next time you feel the need to pack up your tent.  In the movie version of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret there is a scene where a seed is about to break through the dirt.  The person watering this seed gives up because they don’t see any hope.  If they had waited just one more day the tiny plant would have sprouted.

Don’t be the person who gives up too soon.  Just because disaster seems imminent, you may just be surprised.  Give it ONE more day.

Can you recall a time in your own life when you were close to disaster only to pull a rabbit out of a proverbial hat?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Disaster and Triumph

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