God Is Smiling

Sometimes I think God is smiling while I rant and rave and pound on the floor objecting to the unfairness of life. It’s like God is saying, “Come on, is that the best you can do? I can take more than that.”

God has a better sense of humor then any of us. He may laugh at our tantrums–in a good natured way. Other times I thing he just ignores them because while we’re begging him to change things he sees the bigger picture.

God Always Has A Plan B
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God DOES see the bigger picture. He doesn’t get wrapped up in the small challenges that are placed in our lives. He’s the one who placed them there in the first place. Those challenges aren’t there to cause us consternation. They are put in our lives to help us grow, to move on, to graduate to the next grade. Like the quote above, I believe as well, that God sometimes laughs when he sees the trouble we get ourselves into when we ignore the path that HE has chosen for us. We see the path clearly laid out, but instead of following it, we avoid the signs and get sidetracked. If there are signs that you should be concentrating on singing and you’re not singing of course you’re going to be unhappy. When are you happiest? When you are following your path, right?

Many of the unfairnesses in life develop because you are not following the signs that God has laid out for you. When there is clear evidence in your line of sight that you should be doing one thing but instead you choose another because you THINK it will make you happier, that’s when your challenges appear on your horizon. Perhaps the path you’re NOT choosing looks more lucrative. Perhaps you’re being influenced by outside sources. But ONLY you can and SHOULD decide what path you’re going to follow. It is when you let others decide FOR YOU that God laughs, thinking:
How much clearer can I make this?

Follow the path that is cut for you, for it is cultivated for you ONLY. When you follow your own path, then it will be you who smiles, you who laughs. Your smiles and laughter will come from the joy of knowing that you’re doing God’s work. As I’ve said here multiple times before, when you do God’s work, you’ll never work a day in your life. Don’t let God laugh at your struggles. Have him laugh with you as you are loving your life.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


God Is Smiling

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