How May I Serve?

One of my favorite authors who is on this path is Wayne Dyer. A favorite quote I’ve seen attributed to him and read in many of his books is:
How May I Serve.

What does this mean to me and how am I living this quote?

Stop thinking of yourself first. Take the onus out of What’s in it for me. Instead, think about how do my actions effect someone else? Is this REALLY how I want to be remembered? If your gut tells you:
No; this isn’t how I would want to be treated, then don’t treat someone else that way. Your gut is ALWAYS right. You know that.

How am I living this quote?
I live it every day.
I ALWAYS stop to let people cross the street in front of me. How much time does it REALLY save to not do this?

If someone is pulling out in their car I ALWAYS let them go. It’s SO much easier to be kind.

It’s not only driving examples I have. This is how I live my life now. Wayne Dyer and a whole host of others who are on this same path have taught me that if you want to change someone else, the change has to begin with you. When you yourself change, everyone else around will change as well.

Being kind without any thought of reciprocation is the REAL meaning behind How may I serve for me.

How may you serve?


How May I Serve?

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